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Stephen Hobson

I design digital products that make people’s jobs more enjoyable, efficient, and hassle-free. My workflow centers on the needs of both the users and the business to create effective designs that optimize time and productivity.

My portfolio includes several usability improvement projects I have created for companies in Northwest Arkansas.

UX Certified through the

Nielsen Norman Group

Through continual research and studies, the Nielsen Norman Group has been a significant shaper of the user experience field for thirty years.

UX Certification

My User Experience Design Process

I approach every project as an opportunity to solve user and business problems. Solutions may range from adding simple features to complete redesigns.

User Feedback

Understand the goals, budget, timeline, and strategy of the business in order to offer relevant design solutions.

Business Needs

Use input to evaluate the product's users, scenarios, and requirements that will be incorporated into the final solution.

Research Competition

Research existing design solutions in the marketplace, see how they have helped others, and if they can help with the project.


Use feedback to generate ideas of possible and viable solutions.

Information Architecture

Organize the order of the most important and relevant information, steps, and/or user-flow.


Based on the best available options, create a basic layout of page elements. Gather input from the users and the business to ensure alignment


From selected wireframes, design layouts with images, colors, animations, text content, etc.

Project Evaluation

Evaluate product effectiveness through a variety of tools. Implement continuous improvement cycles.

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